#1 San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

Gregory Garrison, a San Diego criminal defense attorney, can assist you with your legal needs. When you are faced with losing your liberty, make sure you hire a criminal defense attorney with a proven track record. Gregory Garrison is San Diego's only criminal defense attorney with 27 years of combined experience as a criminal defense attorney, a former prosecutor, and a former law enforcement officer.

As a former law enforcement officer investigating crimes and a former District Attorney prosecuting crimes, Mr. Garrison understands what you are up against and how to obtain the best possible outcome.

When seeking a criminal defense lawyer, make sure you hire someone who knows the legal system. As a former District Attorney, Mr. Garrison prosecuted over 1000 cases, including several murder and criminal street gang trials. As a former law enforcement officer, Mr. Garrison investigated over 500 crimes, including violent crimes and drug crimes. Mr. Garrison will use his skills and expertise to zealously represent you.


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